This is the technical blog of web developer Helen Emerson. I am currently a technical architect at Totaljobs Group in London, working on .NET websites. I write about web development (particularly javascript and CSS) and working with .NET.

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The developer book club

I’ve started a new podcast called the developer book club where I interview someone interesting about what books have influenced and inspired them.

How javascript objects work

A look at the features of the javascript that can be used to write object oriented code and how javascript objects really work at the language level. Useful for people writing bare metal javascript or to understand how you framework really works.

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NPM cheat sheet

Instantiate NPM in the current directory > npm init Installing a new package. > npm install package-name > npm install package-name@version > npm install package-name@latest Installing a package only for development. > npm install –save-dev package-name Removing a package. > npm uninstall package-name Finding details of a package like description, maintainers, versions and dependencies. > […]

Git command cheat sheet

A git source control cheat sheet with the basic commands I need to be productive.

CSS3 flexbox examples

Here are some examples of common layouts that can be easily created using flexbox, a future way to layout HTML elements in CSS3.

Using the CSS3 flexbox layout

The CSS flexbox is a future CSS3 layout module that aims to make CSS page layout much simpler. It makes it easy to create flexible, stretchy layouts.

Using CSS3 multi-column layouts to split a list into columns

How to use the new CSS multi-column layout feature to split a list across multiple columns.

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