NUnit problem – assembly has no TestFixtures

I’ve been investigating doing unit testing in ASP.NET using NUnit. It’s a very interesting idea, particularly the idea about Test Driven Development, but I’ll post a bit more about that later.

NUnit is a really nice piece of software, but I run into a problem when I tried running my first unit test.

The error it was giving me was:

[assembly] has no TestFixtures


The problem was that my test code was on a network drive and the only way to fix it was to copy the project containing the test to my local drive.

More information about the problem is available at the NUnit Forum.

Interestingly enough, compiling the test assembly in debug mode didn’t seem to affect it at all despite the fact that was noted as a potential problem on the forum.

Posted on 19 Oct 04 by Helen Emerson (last updated on 19 Oct 04).
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