Must be getting old..

You know I just realised I don’t really need to write my own blog software. I’ve done news scripts before, I wouldn’t really be learning anything new. The world already has a 1:3 blog software to web developer ratio. I can think of things that will be much more interesting and rewarding to do with my time. I can think of software projects that are heaps more interesting. Other packages have features that I’d never get time to implement. If I use something standard then other systems will be able to interoperate with mine. There’s this chance someone out there actually has the same requirements as me and has done the job already.

Right. So now I’m going to toddle off to movable type (for my techblog) and live journal (so my friends can read my personal blog) and then go find some other wheel to reinvent.

Posted on 02 Nov 04 by Helen Emerson (last updated on 04 Sep 11).
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