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It’s love: Helen joins the people wearing white headphones

My boyfriend, Joe, talked me into buying an ipod on the weekend. Our conversation went something like this: Joe: Well didn’t you want to buy an ipod? Helen: What time is John Lewis open until? I’m smitten! Seriously! It’s just so lovely! Now I’ve had one a week I don’t know how I lived the […]
Published in Programming on Thursday, March 31st, 2005

Casting in VB.NET

I just found a really good article on casting in .NET.
Published in .NET on Tuesday, March 22nd, 2005

VB.NET control structures cheatsheet

If statements: If condition Then    ' do something Else    ' do something else End If For loop: For i As Int16 = start To end    ' do something Next For each: For Each item As Type In Collection    ' do something Next
Published in .NET on Wednesday, March 2nd, 2005

Accessing embedded resource files

To get a resource from the current assembly: Stream stream = this.GetType().Assembly().GetManifestResourceStream("namespace.file"); To get all the names of all the resources in your current assembly: string[] resources = this.GetType().Assembly.GetManifestResourceNames(); foreach(string resourceName in resources) { Debug.WriteLine(resourceName); }
Published in .NET on Tuesday, March 1st, 2005