Refactoring tool that looks at C# and aspx files

Saw an interesting looking refactoring tool called DevAdvantage that looks like it’s a cross between FXCop and Resharper. I haven’t actually taken a look at it yet, but I really liked the fact you could set rules for things in aspx files.

I think the fact that aspx files aren’t really treated like “real code” is one of the real short comings of most of the visual studio.NET 2003 tools out there. I can understand why because it’s going to be really hard making a tool that can deal with a mix of ASP.NET tags, standard HTML, style and javascript.

On one hand, that’s kind of good because it’s a great incentive to keep as much of the optional stuff (like serverside code, javascript and style) in different files, which is where it mostly belongs. The problem was it made doing things like data binding in the aspx a bad idea because they were variables that weren’t going to be caught when I used my refactoring tools to change things. Maybe all of that stuff does belong in the code behind too?

Posted on 01 Oct 05 by Helen Emerson (last updated on 01 Oct 05).
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