IE7 is planned to support CSS attribute selectors! Whee!

Yay! I’m so happy because I just read a post on the IE blog that says IE7 is going to support attribute selectors! In fact it says that IE7 is going to aim to be CSS 2.1 compliant! They’re also *finally* fixing the problems with rendering transparent png files.

I was a bit cynical when I read about the new version of IE because I thought they might just upgrade the interface a bit and say that it was for the customers not for web developers. That would have set back CSS2 uptake at least another three or four years.

I know people say that normal users don’t care about Web Standards, but they do care about the kind of webpages they get to use. A win like this for web standards is a win for everyone because web developers can make richer pages that work in a wider variety of browsers for and take less time and money.

Posted on 13 Oct 05 by Helen Emerson (last updated on 13 Oct 05).
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