New acronym.. new lot of hype.

This article says:

“Ajax lets programmers reduce the cost and time to build programs, says Bret Taylor, a Google project manager.”

Obviously Bret Taylor from Google has never tried debugging an AJAX app that suddenly stops working and has eaten the error message that explains why..

I’m trying not to make the judgement that using the word AJAX is admitting you’re a webdev muggle, but I’m just waiting for the first lot of AJAX sites that work like those flash-only sites from about 1999. Anyone who’s had to spend two days scraping the content out of one will know what I mean.

I do actually think the technology is seriously cool.. I just wish that the people talking about it would talk about why it’s cool and how using it will actually make your sites better rather than making stuff up that isn’t true.

Posted on 04 Nov 05 by Helen Emerson (last updated on 04 Nov 05).
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