Where has .NET 2.0 been all my life?

I really like .NET 2.0 and I’m liking it more the more I’m use it.

Partial classes! How have I lived without partial classes all these years? It’s a fantastic idea where you’re using generated code like interface code. I’m absolutely itching to try this feature out with CodeSmith when I write my next data access layer. Makes my classes look prettier and it makes them harder to break when I go crazy with the shift+delete!

I can’t describe how much I like web resources. The aspnet_client folder has been the bane of my life for the past few years. My most vivid memory of having problems with this was trying to get it set up properly on the live server the first time I deployed a project with a third party component. This sticks out in my mind because it was about an hour before I was due to leave for a flight to Australia (I warned *everyone* this was a bad idea.. but what does a programmer know?). Now it’s just a case of remembering to copy the assembly, none of this fiddling around with javascript files.

The new designer functionality is great too! Now webbies designers can be as pretty and interactive as those made by our windows forms brothers and sisters. I just want to get up and hug someone every time I resize a web control on a form and it tells me how big it is. :)

The new IDE is nice too. I’ll admit I wasn’t originally impressed by changes to the projects, but I feel a bit sheepish about this now because it does make my life so much easier. It’s taken running someone else’s project from being four steps to being two. It means I don’t have to open up a project or webinfo file in notepad to hack at the paths. The built in web server also means I don’t even have to search through the thousand odd folders in IIS to set up an application directory. It’s great. :)

Posted on 18 Jan 06 by Helen Emerson (last updated on 18 Jan 06).
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