Bookmark: Mozilla DOM documentation

I’ve finally found some Mozilla javascript docs that as good as the IE ones.

One of the really nice thing about the Mozilla docs is they have lots of details about the versions that things work in and warnings about potential problems that you might have when using some of the features. For example I found them when looking at the mozilla method and the page told me that there’s an option to make it modal in some windows implementations and warned me that it requires special browser priviledges in Mozilla 1.2.1 and above.

Since we’re talking about javascript documentation here’s a secret for anyone who thinks good javascript documentation is exciting. The Netscape 4 javascript documentation is a really useful language reference. It’s not DOM specific like the other two but is really handy if you need to know things like the argument order for the substring method or which methods the Array object supports. It also has a really nice table of regular expression operators that’s really useful if you know what you want to do but you just want to check that your syntax is correct.

Posted on 19 Apr 06 by Helen Emerson (last updated on 19 Apr 06).
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