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Here’s a quick link for myself for the web developer toolbars you can install for Firefox and IE6.

I love them because the web developer toolbars make doing clientside work so much easier. They give you tools to find out information about the page that you’re working on without having to do a million alert statements. One of the most useful features is you can highlight the boxes on the page to see why something isn’t showing up or to see how they’re really overlapping.

They also make it easier to find page information like javascript errors without having to do the million clicks you need to find this information that’s been hidden from regular users.

Another really handy clientside debugging tool for firefox is the Javascript debugger pluggin that you can use to step through your clientside script code. You can do all the regular debugger things with it like inspecting variables and setting breakpoints.

Posted on 05 Jun 06 by Helen Emerson (last updated on 05 Jun 06).
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