Frontpage extensions firewall

I wanted to set up front page extensions on my machine this week so I could access the web projects I wanted by typing in the url rather than having to pick from the list in IIS which is littered with experiments and sample projects. Lazy but worth it considering how often I have to switch between things. :)

Getting through the firewall

The tricky part of this for me was getting it working through my local firewall (even though I was just using it on my local machine).

The error message I was getting was:
Unable to open the Web ‘http://localhost/mysite’. Server error: There is no web named “/mysite”. If this Web site exists on the server, check to make sure the FrontPage Server Extensions are installed, and that you have permission to access the server.

I had to open three ports for my local network to get it running. They were 135 (TCP), 4500 (UDP) and 500 (UDP).

There’s a great blog article about frontpage server extensions with that information and heaps more that’s definitely worth a read if you’re having problems getting this working.

Making my existing projects into webs

After I got that working I was able to create a new frontpage web project through VS2005 but I wasn’t able to open up a lot of my existing web projects as a web because they didn’t have all the frontpage magic.

To get that working I just needed to go file->open website->remote site and then click on the New Web Site button to make VS2005 create all the front page stuff that the project needed.

Posted on 28 Jan 07 by Helen Emerson (last updated on 28 Jan 07).
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