IE bug logging database not being reopened

I was a bit disappointed when I read that public IE bug database isn’t being reopened.

The reason given was that the volume of unusable bug reports submitted far outweighed the useful stuff. Apparently some people used it to tell the team how much they hate IE. :)

I can understand that being a problem for the team but I think not having any way for web developers to submit bugs is a pretty bad solution to the problem. How can the team improve the quality of the weak areas of IE if they don’t know what the problems are?

For me, the effectiveness and openness of the mozilla bug tracking is one of the things that makes working with mozilla a much less frustrating experience. Just being able to search the bug database often helps me find a work around for bugs I run into. Being able to log the issue means that at least someone who might be able to fix it knows about the bug even if it doesn’t get fixed.

Posted on 13 May 07 by Helen Emerson (last updated on 13 May 07).
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