Girly geek dinner at Google!

I went to the UK Google building near Victoria station tonight for a girly geek dinner tonight and got to see how the Google lot live. It was held in their lunch room and I must admit I was quite envious when I saw they got as much free Ben and Jerry’s icecream as they wanted. Also I may be a total Google fangirl. I was actually a little nervous as I walked into the building. Joe grabbed more swag than me though. :)

I had a really nice evening chatting to some nice geeks. I met a sysadmin who was bearded but not called Martin, an ASP.NET developer who was interested in accessibility and someone who loved linux. There were cubic cheesecakes. Someone complimented me on my Threadless shirt! Yay! It’s the best place to wear my geek finery!

I also recommend the regular geek dinners too.

Posted on 05 Jun 07 by Helen Emerson (last updated on 04 Sep 11).
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