Helephant.com to PixelOrigami back to Helephant.com

So I tried out the PixelOrigami thing for a while but I just didn’t like it as much as my helephant.com domain.

I decided a while back that the inactivity of my personal blog meant that it was really time to shut it down. So I’ve decided to make helephant.com my webdev website and leave my personal stuff for emails and long phone calls. I think I just outgrew the angst that fuelled a lot of my inspiration sometime in the last two years (thank goodness) so I just don’t have anything much to post about anymore. I will particularly miss Pete’s occasional crazy comments because I know he’s not interested in the tech stuff, but he’ll just have to give me grief in person over a pint instead. ;)

Anyway, I know changing URLs is the worst thing you can do to a website but this should hopefully be the last change for a long while. I am very sad to lose the little bit of google-goodness that I had at PixelOrigami.com but helephant.com has been my domain for so long that I think it’s the place my bits of writing should go.

I’ve also decided to change the feedburner link from the PixelOrigami feed to a new one for Helephant.com. I’m not going to shut down the pixelorigami one any time soon, but I’ll update my site to point to the helephant.com one instead.

Posted on 04 Aug 07 by Helen Emerson (last updated on 04 Sep 11).
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