Web Standards for ASP.NET developers

My name is Helen Emerson and I unashamedly love the web. I have loved it since I downloaded my first StarWars .wav files from my dad’s computer in 1996. I love that it’s this crazy public space where anyone is welcome and anyone can set up their own place with nothing more than some off-cuts of construction paper, a pot of clag glue and a pair of crayola scissors.
crayons and scissors

I even love web development. Any software you make to be consumed by the web can be used by people anywhere in the world, no matter what type of machine they’re using. The platform is all about the network so it encourages you to create things to connect people. It ends up being almost hard not to build community right into your software. It’s an exciting place to be because there’s always some new toy to try, some new way to use the technology, some new technique to master.

That’s what makes the venkman debugging, cross browser incompatible, why won’t my float stay where I put it bits worthwhile. That’s what makes me want to put on my shoes and head off to work in the morning. That’s what makes me not very subtly encourage all the geek kids I meet who will listen to start their own webpage.

My chosen platform is currently ASP.NET. It has its good points and its bad points but overall it’s a place I’m pretty happy to be. The only thing that makes me a little sad is that I meet a surprising number of people who are ASP.NET programmers but don’t have web development background. This is my gift to them (to anyone who is interested): some ideas and techniques that I have collected from my time as a web developer mostly stolen from or inspired by the people of the web standards movement.

Posted on 27 Dec 07 by Helen Emerson (last updated on 27 Dec 07).
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