Switching opera desktop to hand held mode for testing

Neat little tip I found (in my old, old blog archives) is that you can switch Opera into hand held emulation mode by hitting Shift+F11.

It’ll take your site and serialize the design to fit on a small screen like on your phone:

helephant.com in hand held emulation mode

It also will honour the @media handheld stylesheet so it’s a convenient way to test the stylesheet without having to actually load it on a mobile device.

Sadly since Opera mini doesn’t look at the stylesheet unless you tell it to in the settings and my default Nokia browser ignores it all together I’m not sure how much use the @media handheld command is. Maybe it’s something that’ll have better support in the future. Maybe it’ll go the way of WAP.

Posted on 11 May 08 by Helen Emerson (last updated on 11 May 08).
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