Goodbye 2008. Hello 2009

Wow, it’s January 18th already. I feel like I’ve really hit the ground running. Everyone else who did their new years post did them two weeks ago but I really wanted to write down what I’d achieved in 2008 and what I wanted to achieve in 2009 to give myself something to look at in a year.

What I did in 2008

Participated in the UK ASP.NET community – I talked at Barry’s user group, VBUG and DDD7. It was exhausting but great fun. The feedback I got from DDD7 was particularly useful and I think at some point I’ll be able to get hold of a video to see how my talk actually goes from the audience’s perspective.

Learnt heaps about javascript objects – I’m embarrassed to admit that I didn’t even know what closures were at the beginning of 2008. I think learning more about javascript has made me a better programmer in general. It’s really made this C# dev very keen to have a go at a more dynamic language like ruby or python.

Move my site to wordpress – I had great fun writing my own blog script. It’s practically a web developer rite of passage. After seeing all the cool stuff other people were able to do on their blogs, Ting convinced me it was time to retire the old ASP.NET script and use my tiny bit of home dev time to work on something more important.

Started a new job – been working at my current job for almost a year now. I’m still working as an ASP.NET developer (which I pretty much love). I got lucky *again* to find a friendly place with dedicated and interesting people. Got to learn about LINQ, JQuery, some neat clientside bugs and how to fit German words into layouts.

Went to Tokyo – the land of robots, hello kitty and amazing tasting chicken. Akihabara is where good geeks go when they die.

Lost 50 pounds – I am still a little surprised I actually managed to do this. I followed weight watchers all year and found it really helpful. There were times when it was hard and I didn’t make much progress in the last three months of the year but I’m pretty proud I’ve managed to do so well. Slightly embarrassed my weight got to the point where I needed to lose 50 pounds, but pretty relieved I was able to do it.

Got engaged to Joe – can’t really take credit for that. It was his idea. :D

Goals for 2009

Seems like I always want to do way more than I have time for so I’ve decided just to pick a couple of extra-circular things to concentrate on in 2009. To be honest, I’ll be happy to complete any of these things.

Write some more interesting clientside samples – every year for the last 11 years I’ve been lucky enough to expand my clientside web development skills without really trying to. This year I want to consciously push the boundaries of the web app a little bit. I have a few things in mind. :)

Launch a new site – I’ve got a few ideas about what I’d like to do this year. I don’t want to actually announce anything yet but I started something last year that I hope will be ready for version 1.0 in a month or two.

Post at least twice a month – Attwood says pick a schedule and stick to it. I know it’s not going to always be possible but I’m going to try for twice a month. Then my plan is to use my wee bit of spare time to do something else for the rest of the month.

Organise our wedding – oh my goodness that’s turning out to be a lot of work already. I’ve spent every lunch time since I got back to work on the 5th sorting something out and I don’t seem to be able to have a conversation with my mum or his that doesn’t involve wedding favours, invitation lists or dresses. It’s really good fun though and I think we’re going to have a great day. :)

Finish the last bit of weight loss – I’m still not down to my ideal weight. My BMI is still at the top end of the healthy range. I’d like to get it to a little below the middle (really, I just want to lose the flab around my tummy). I’m not far away now. I think it should take about three months to lose the last little bit. Then I’ve just got to get used to the idea of healthy living for the rest of my life. :)

Things I’d like to do but won’t have time for

Get involved in an open source project – preferably something to do with javascript. The more web development I do the more I’m discovering how much I like front end development.

Learn hiragana – managed to learn all the characters by studying a book on the train. Would like to be able to read a little (and understand the japanese language a little) when Joe and I go on our honeymoon.

Read some more – read all of Jane Austen’s book in 2007. Read a heap of great sci-fi (and all of Harry Potter) in 2008. Hope I get some time to do some great fiction reading in 2009 as well. Commuting to work isn’t all bad. :)

World domination through army of killer robots – you lot are just lucky I’m too busy for this. :)

Get to the end of the year without being exhausted. :)

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