Opening resx files in the xml editor

Defaults can never please everyone. There’s always someone whose workflow is a little different. That one developer who likes to use SeaMonkey to test their pages or that weirdo who prefers to edit resx files as a text file.

I am that weirdo who likes to edit resx files as text files and rather than argue with me about the merits of their GUI tool, they have given me a very nice dialog where I can choose what editor I’d like any type of Visual Studio project file to open with by default.

If you are another person who shuns the built in editor and wonders where the “switch to xml button” went in VS2008, fear not because here are instructions on how to change the very nature of VS2008 and make it do your unnatural resx text editing bidding:

  1. Right flick on a resx file
  2. Choose open with
  3. Select Xml Editor

the open with dialog

Also works on any other type of file in visual studio. It’s also very handy for opening .skin files with intellisense support. For any SeaMonkey developers, Check out right click->browse with to change what browser different file types will be browsed with.

Posted on 04 Feb 09 by Helen Emerson (last updated on 04 Sep 11).
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