Lego scrum board avatars

We’re having a bit of a Lego theme in our office at the moment with teams being given lego sets as prizes for doing good work. With all this Lego in the office, when I was chatting to another another developer about the scrum board we almost inevitably came up with the idea of using magnetic Lego people as team avatars.

Once we’d come up with the idea, I had to do it. So I shopped around on the internet for all the bits I needed, came into work with a creepy bag of Lego heads and we swapped our Simpsons avatars with new ones made out of lego.

Here are the avatars we came up with:

What you need to make your own scrum board Lego peeps

  • You can get a big bag of Lego magnets from or for a couple of pounds.
  • You can buy lego heads, bodies, hair and accessories on bricklink. You don’t have to buy whole people, you can just buy the bits that you think your team might like. I got enough for my team for about £30. You can find female lego people if you hunt around.
  • A team of developers who aren’t too grown up to play Lego.
Posted on 09 Oct 10 by Helen Emerson (last updated on 04 Sep 11).
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