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We need some new mid level ASP.NET developers at Total Jobs Group to join our team based in central London. Be part of one of our seven small scrum teams and work on everything from CSS and HTML through to the database, from idea through to release.

TJG runs seven job boards. Total Jobs is the most popular one and the other five are all industry boards like CW Jobs for IT. Pretty much all development is for either the websites or the web based tools that support them.

For more detailed information about the job and the exact skills we’re after, check out the job spec.

Why would you want to work with us?

Our department is serious about continuous improvement so we’re constantly looking for new ways to do development better. In the past six months the development team have been going on TDD training and teams are starting to do it as part of their every day work. Some of the teams have been trying MVP patterns on areas of the code that already use web forms. New areas of the code have been using the MVC framework. We keep improving the way we use clientside technologies, particularly CSS and javascript. Lots of teams choose to pair program. Last year there was a big project to automate more of our release process.

Each team gets flexibility to try new things. Our team has tried experimenting with different sprint lengths, kanban style work in progress limits, tracking stories through TFS, lego people on our scrum board and tracking technical debt on the ceiling. Other teams are automating their acceptance testing with Selenium and trying TDD. Each team is encouraged to figure out what works for them.

We’re encouraged to share ideas around the department. We have our own internal user group where a couple of times a month someone talks about something they’re passionate about. Today’s session was about how one guy hooked up RFID readers to the scrum board to track story status and to automatically kick off builds. The really cool thing is the department supports it by giving us a lunch budget. We also do community of practice sessions where we all bring some code and talk about something neat we’ve been doing. Some of the groups have been reading books like Working Effectively with Legacy Code and Clean Code.

The office has a really nice atmosphere. The people are friendly. We have a casual dress code. People put effort into making work a fun place to be. Last week we had a build it in a day Friday where the whole team (not just developers) had a day to work on anything company related that interested them. We have team outings a couple of times a year. The development team are going bowling on Friday. People go out for team lunches and Friday drinks. People bring cakes and donuts in to celebrate things a couple of times a week. Our scrum master is a great cook and brought in homemade lemon drizzle cake today.

People notice when you do a good job and its recognised. Every other week there’s a presentation where the management tell everyone about something great that someone has done. Last year there were toys and lego for teams that did something special. You can see Star Wars lego all over the office now. Before that we competed for a silver cup full of sweets. They also awarded a scrum team of the year award where one of the teams got a prize to spend on a meal out together.

TotalJobs is part of a bigger company called Reed Elsevier so the benefits are pretty good. My absolute favourite is that we get 29 days holiday a year with the option to buy or sell three during the year. We also get two charity days. Last year our team spent the day doing gardening for some lovely elderly people in Sutton. The year before we did gardening and painting for a kids playground.

Joel test

Do you use source control? – TFS
Can you make a build in one step? – Yes
Do you make daily builds? – Yes, we build when we check in. Working towards continuous integration.
Do you have a bug database? – Our scrum team track bugs on the board on red cards.
Do you fix bugs before writing new code? – yes
Do you have an up-to-date schedule? – yes
Do you have a spec? – We write user stories with acceptance criteria.
Do programmers have quiet working conditions? – No we work open plan and everyone sits with the people they’re working on
Do you use the best tools money can buy? – We use VS2010 (mostly), Resharper, nUnit, computers with dual monitors, MSDN licenses
Do you have testers? – yup. Vinny is a bug finding machine.
Do new candidates write code during their interview? – depends who interviews you
Do you do hallway usability testing? – we do weekly demos to get feedback from the people we build the software for. We have designers and usability people who come up with the best way to implement user interfaces.

Your job isn’t as great as this?

Interested? Then email me your CV and I’ll pass it on or apply through the website.

Posted on 21 Feb 11 by Helen Emerson (last updated on 14 Jul 12).
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