Places to get good developer videos

Part of the awesome that is where I work is an hour a week where developers can get together and chat about what we’ve been up to with the idea of spreading ideas around the different teams. One of the regular things we do is watch a video about a new technology, pattern or practice that we’d like to know more about. Right now I run the testing and automation stream and have found it a bit of a pain to always have something new to talk about, so I’ve put together a list of interesting places to find developer videos.

This is just a starting point, hopefully I’ll keep updating it as I actually try out the videos and find more places to get good content.


Clean coders has videos about writing maintainable code that are all less than an hour, fast moving, well edited and full of funny. You do have to pay for the videos, but they’re pretty cheap and have clear information about showing them to groups (around $1US/person). I find it impossible not to like Uncle Bob. It’s like being taught how to code well by your slightly embarrassing dad.

infoq has presentations about pretty much everything going on in mainstream development.


Tekpub have videos about a heap of different technologies, including quite a good selection on .NET. The videos tend to be under an hour and they get some pretty impressive experts (like Jon Skeet) to help present them. They’re kind of pricey ($18-$25) because you have to buy the videos as a series and they don’t have cheaper streaming prices for large groups, though they were willing to give us quite a generous discount.

I am a huge fan of the .NET rocks podcast but had never tried out their DNR TV videos. They have videos on just about everything, though they tend to be an introduction rather than going into a lot of depth like the tekpub ones do. They’re free (hurrah!).

There’s a series of nhibernate videos called summer of nhibernate. They’re free but over an hour each. I’ve watched the first one and it’s a pretty good introduction to nhibernate.

Dimecasts has 10 minute videos about almost anything you can think about in .NET. It seems like a nice way to start a discussion about something.

Channel 9 on the MSDN have a vast library of videos which are mostly about Microsoft technology. There are hundreds of videos about .NET.

Skills Matter is a London based company that runs a lot of interesting sessions about all sorts of different technologies (including lots of open source stuff). They have recorded quite a lot of them and put them on their site to watch for free.

Web dev

YUI theatre has lots of videos about using YUI and some generally interesting web development ones as well.

Nicole Sullivan has some recordings of her conference talks. She talks about how to write maintainable CSS and we have found that using her ideas have made our CSS way better.

Videos from the MIX conference on some pretty neat new web technology. The 2011 lot have a lot of stuff about HTML5. They tend to be pretty good quality presentations since they’re for a conference.

Technology and inspiration

I like the TED videos as an excuse to dream. ASP.NET developers probably don’t need to know about bio-fuels, but it’s nice to feel inspired. :)

Posted on 21 Jan 12 by Helen Emerson (last updated on 21 Jan 12).
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