Tell me a story

I find the automated messages from services like four square that my friends post to twitter a little sad because they tell me there is a story, but they don’t tell me what the story is.

@friend is at St Pancras. Are they catching a train or trying the champagne bar?

@friend is watching Doctor Who with everyone else in the UK. What did they think of the story? Do they think I should watch it? Did they like Matt Smith’s latest headwear?

@friend just watched a video on youtube. Was it a thought provoking demo of some technology or a cat on a Roomba?

I like social media (twitter in particular) because I get to hear the little stories that I share with the people in my every day life, but don’t get to hear from the people I don’t see every day. I love knowing that my friend from America is besotted with some super hero from a cartoon, that my friend from Australia is on her way to the beach or that my front-end coder friend is enjoying his new contract. With so many friends in so many different places it’s a little way to be part of their lives. Little stories that only matter because I care about them.

Stories spark the imagination and start conversations. Stories can tease or make me laugh. Stories make me want to click on links or see the picture. Facts without stories are empty and unsatisfying.

Posted on 14 Apr 12 by Helen Emerson (last updated on 14 Apr 12).
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