Web debugging on windows

Web development has come a long way since the days when Response.Write() and alert() were the only ways to find out why your application was misbehaving. Here are some of my favourite tools and techniques for understanding what’s really going on.

Debugging inside IIS

Failed request tracing – a handy IIS7 feature for debugging what’s happening when there are problems with modules or handlers in the IIS pipeline.

Debugging IIS7 with Windows events tracing – detailed information about what has happened to a broken request that fails before or after it gets to an IIS7 application pool.

When things go wrong on the client

Simulating network latency with fiddler – How to use the Fiddler proxy to simulate HTTP response latency to test how your website works over a slow connection.

IE tester – for cross browser testing across all versions of IE.

IE drip – finding javascript memory leaks. Tracks how much memory IE is using and shows DOM elements that can’t be disposed. An old tool which isn’t very pretty looking, but super handy if you need to debug memory leaks.

DIY javascript stack trace – creating yourself a stack trace if you can’t run javascript debugging tools for some reason.

Posted on 24 Jul 12 by Helen Emerson (last updated on 15 Jul 12).
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