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Helephant.com is run by me, Helen Emerson. I’m an Australian who now lives in the UK. I still enjoy vegemite sandwiches and now think tea is nectar of the gods. All the people at work laugh when I say data or cache.

I currently work as a technical architect for an ASP.NET scrum team at Totaljobs in London. I work with a lot of great people there. I’ve been working with ASP.NET since 2004 and have been a full time developer since 2002.

I enjoy hanging out with other .NET developers in the UK community. I’ve spoken a couple of times at developer developer developer day and at a couple of the London user groups. I enjoy going to the London.NET user group and learning new stuff.

I discovered coding at school and still remember creating my first form in delphi which had a button on it that updated a label. I still feel the same spark of glee whenever I make the computer bend to my will, as anyone who has ever pair programmed with me will know.

After I discovered I actually could code, I ran a PHP/MySQL computer game fan site for about five years and created add-ons for the game. That was enough to make me decide to study software development at university.

I like Chrome for browsing and Firefox for development. I can’t bring myself to use IE for anything except testing because of the years of my time it has already taken from me.

When I’m away from the computer I love baking, stories, gaming and learning Japanese. I got voted the nerdiest developer in the office once, but I’ve been to anime conventions and have friends who know episodes of Doctor Who off by heart so I know there are people out there who are far nerdier.

The fundamental interconnectedness of everything

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