Ways to do paging in ASP.NET on 26 Jul 05 (2 comments)

I found this wonderful article that compares the performance of different methods of paging in SQL Server a while back, but it was either eaten when my database got corrupted or I forgot to blog it. The article compares six different types of paging and gives information about the strengths and weaknesses of each. Apart […]

Free MSDN ASP.NET training course on 15 Jul 05 (Add comment)

Saw this a few days ago. It’s a free ASP.NET training course from Microsoft. I’ve only had a quick look, but the content looks quite comprehensive and I think there’s a few things in there I’m going to find quite useful. If you’re interested, sign up soon because I believe it’s a time limited thing.

Creating ASP.NET applications as Class Library project on 13 May 05 (Add comment)

Found an article about how to create ASP.NET applications in VisualStudio without using a web project. You can still have all the neat web project functionality like the wizards, but it makes it much easier to move your projects around (as in a web project the solution won’t even open your web project if IIS […]

Generated ASP.NET page source files on 06 Apr 05 (Add comment)

I found a really useful article about the ASP.NET page compilation process. The thing I was looking for was actually where to find the generated page source files. They’re stored in a directory like: C:WINDOWSMicrosoft.NETFrameworkv1.1.4322Temporary ASP.NET Files

ASP.NET syntax highlighter components on (Add comment)

For once I’m going to resist the urge to reinvent the wheel.. :) What I’ve found so far: Actipro CodeHighlighter

Debugging clientside scripts in VS,NET 2003 on 10 Feb 05 (Add comment)

How interesting! Turns out that VS.NET 2003 actually supports debugging of clientside scripts! I’m going to miss the javascript alert function. :)

Handling SelectedIndexChange for a DropDownList in a Repeater on 25 Jan 05 (5 comments)

Came across an interesting problem yesterday trying to handle the SelectedIndexChanged event for a DropDownList that was inside a Repeater. I found a wonderful article on Databinding that gave me most the information I needed, but their method of handling events just didn’t work for me. My first problem was that I originally did the […]

Sending email in ASP.NET on 08 Dec 04 (Add comment)

Sending mail in ASP.NET is simple! You just create a message and then call the SmtpMail’s static send method: MailMessage message = new MailMessage();message.To = "";message.From = "";message.Subject = "An email from helen";message.Body = "Hello Helen. From Helen.";SmtpMail.Send(message); If you need to talk to a non-local server, that’s not really much more difficult. You just […]

ASP.NET and XHTML on 26 Nov 04 (Add comment)

I found a couple of interesting articles about ASP.NET and web standards when I was looking for information about seperating presentation and business logic in ASP.NET using XML. The guy from ASP.NET resources makes the argument that it’s not economically viable to put the resources into developing ASP.NET applications that return properly compliant XHTML. I […]

Regular expressions in C# on 19 Oct 04 (Add comment)

Learnt something new today from Merak on the UK Microsoft web developer’s list. One of my early problems when writing regular expressions in C# was that I didn’t realise that is actually an escape character when used in a string in C#. So when I wanted to write an expression like this: /d/ (which means […]

NUnit problem – assembly has no TestFixtures on (1 comment)

I’ve been investigating doing unit testing in ASP.NET using NUnit. It’s a very interesting idea, particularly the idea about Test Driven Development, but I’ll post a bit more about that later. NUnit is a really nice piece of software, but I run into a problem when I tried running my first unit test. The error […]

StackOverflowException and properties on 18 Oct 04 (3 comments)

An easy way to get this exception is by refering a property to itself: public string myproperty {     set { myproperty = value; } } The exception looks like this: [StackOverflowException: Exception of type System.StackOverflowException was thrown.] Granted it’s a pretty dumb thing to do.. :)

Installing ASP.NET in IIS for XP Pro on 08 Oct 04 (Add comment)

Installed IIS to do some performance profiling on the site I’ve been developing. Took me a bit of searching to figure out how to enabled ASP.NET on IIS for XP Pro. You just need to run a little program that comes with the .NET framework: C:/WINDOWS/Microsoft.NET/Framework/ -i Useful links: Microsoft aspnet_regiis documentation

Things I'd like to have in ASP.NET on 07 Oct 04 (2 comments)

A “form element” interface so I could find out things like values from any type of form element without having to write code that’ll handle different types of form elements.

Finding the path of an ASP.NET webapp on 29 Sep 04 (Add comment)

If you’re trying to generate a filename that’s relative to the root of your webapp, the easiest thing to do is use the Page.MapPath() method. If you want to load a file in the root directory of your webapp, you’d use the MapPath() method in the following way: dataset1.ReadXml(MapPath("xmlfile.xml")); If this isn’t what you’re trying […]

ASP.NET multi-line textbox on (Add comment)

It’s simple, but annoying to find in the documentation.. <asp:textbox id="MultilineTextBox" rows="10" columns="80" <strong>textmode="MultiLine"</strong> runat="server"/> Wish textboxes were multi-line automatically if they had more than one row..