Installing ASP.NET in IIS for XP Pro on 08 Oct 04 (Add comment)

Installed IIS to do some performance profiling on the site I’ve been developing. Took me a bit of searching to figure out how to enabled ASP.NET on IIS for XP Pro. You just need to run a little program that comes with the .NET framework: C:/WINDOWS/Microsoft.NET/Framework/v1.x.xxx/aspnet_regiis.exe -i Useful links: Microsoft aspnet_regiis documentation

Things I'd like to have in ASP.NET on 07 Oct 04 (2 comments)

A “form element” interface so I could find out things like values from any type of form element without having to write code that’ll handle different types of form elements.

Finding the path of an ASP.NET webapp on 29 Sep 04 (Add comment)

If you’re trying to generate a filename that’s relative to the root of your webapp, the easiest thing to do is use the Page.MapPath() method. If you want to load a file in the root directory of your webapp, you’d use the MapPath() method in the following way: dataset1.ReadXml(MapPath("xmlfile.xml")); If this isn’t what you’re trying […]

ASP.NET multi-line textbox on (Add comment)

It’s simple, but annoying to find in the documentation.. <asp:textbox id="MultilineTextBox" rows="10" columns="80" <strong>textmode="MultiLine"</strong> runat="server"/> Wish textboxes were multi-line automatically if they had more than one row..