Are you a developer who likes to learn new things? on 31 Aug 12 (Add comment)

Totaljobs is hiring .NET developers and senior .NET developers. Central London. Agile teams. C#, TDD, MVC, twice weekly releases.

Tell me a story on 14 Apr 12 (1 comment)

A little rant against the evils of services like four square that put your story-empty tweets into my twitter stream.

Places to get good developer videos on 21 Jan 12 (2 comments)

A list of places to find videos about being a better developer. These are mostly about all the stuff I care about for work: writing good code, .NET technology and web dev.

The developer book club on 24 Apr 11 (Add comment)

I’ve started a new podcast called the developer book club where I interview someone interesting about what books have influenced and inspired them.

Come work for TotalJobs on 21 Feb 11 (Add comment)

We are currently looking for passionate C# developers to come join our team.

Maintainable CSS presentation slides on 31 Jan 11 (2 comments)

A talk that I gave at the Developer, Developer, Developer day in Reading in 2011 about my experiences trying to make CSS easier to maintain. Contains slides and sample downloads.

Our web 2.0 wedding on 01 Aug 09 (2 comments)

The story of how Joe and I used our favourite web tools to organise our wedding and share the experience with the people who couldn’t be there.

Ada Lovelace day – Molly Holzschlag, Kathy Hassinger and my mum on 24 Mar 09 (1 comment)

Stories about three geek women who I admire to help celebrate Ada Lovelace day.

Snowy London Underground sign on 02 Feb 09 (1 comment)

It’s a snowy day in London today. Apparently the most snow London’s seen in 20 years. It’s definitely the most snow I’ve ever seen. I was covered in snow and looking like a big white yeti by the time I got to the station this morning. I’ve been keeping an eye on the Transport for […]

Goodbye 2008. Hello 2009 on 18 Jan 09 (8 comments)

Wow, it’s January 18th already. I feel like I’ve really hit the ground running. Everyone else who did their new years post did them two weeks ago but I really wanted to write down what I’d achieved in 2008 and what I wanted to achieve in 2009 to give myself something to look at in […]

Big (non-technical) Helen news on 30 Nov 08 (1 comment)

This is a tech blog but I just wanted to share a little bit of big Helen-life news with the friends of mine who read it. Joe, my boyfriend of four years, proposed to me on Friday night very romantically on the London eye and I said yes (of course!). I’ve been grinning like mad […]

Bleeding edge of web slides and samples on (Add comment)

Slides and samples for a talk I did for developer, developer, developer day in Reading in 2008 about a heap of clientside technologies that I’m excited about and think will be The Next Big Thing.

VBUG London javascript objects presentation on 12 Nov 08 (Add comment)

Slides and samples for a talk I did for VBUG in London in 2008 about how objects works in javascript.

Object oriented javascript slides and samples on 31 Aug 08 (2 comments)

In 2008 I did a talk at a .NET user group in Oxford about the nuts and bolts of how objects actually work in javascript. Here are the presentation slides and code samples.

My bad dev singing tapes on 10 May 08 (Add comment)

My favourite thing about having a blog is being able to look back at where I’ve come from and see how far I’ve come.

Trust noone (when debugging) on 13 Oct 07 (1 comment)

One of the most important (and painful) things I learnt at uni was: trust nothing when debugging. I will never get that week of my life back! to PixelOrigami back to on 04 Aug 07 (2 comments)

So I tried out the PixelOrigami thing for a while but I just didn’t like it as much as my domain. I decided a while back that the inactivity of my personal blog meant that it was really time to shut it down. So I’ve decided to make my webdev website and leave […]

Girly geek dinner at Google! on 05 Jun 07 (Add comment)

A big thanks to the people who organise girl geeks dinners for giving us all a glimpse at what it’s like to be a Googler.

I’ve moved my techblog on 14 Jan 07 (Add comment)

I decided a while back that I’d both move my techblog to a new domain and port my blog scripts to ASP.NET 2.0 and today finally it’s been done! I’m a little sad to see the content go from my old domain but I think that it’s going to be more flexible for my evil […]

Speaking at DDD4 on 05 Dec 06 (Add comment)

In 2006 I did my first developer, developer, developer day conference talk in Reading about the basics of how to do object oriented programming in javascript.

First ever conference talk on 27 Jul 06 (Add comment)

My first conference talk ever: talking about creating user interface controls for ASP.NET at the NRW conference in Germany.

Having fun is motivating on 29 Apr 06 (Add comment)

I’ve recently discovered the blog of a guy called Jim Whittle who’s the recruitment guy at the company where I work. He’s only posted two articles so far but he’s a great story teller and I particularly enjoyed an entry he posted about having passion for what you do. On a similar sort of topic […]

iPod number 2 dies.. is it time to move on? on 04 Mar 06 (Add comment)

My ipod is dead again. I’ve got about two weeks on my warranty so I guess I’ll go down to John Lewis again and get them to take it away and send me back a new one. I can’t say I’ve got much faith in another replacement ipod since my current one only survived about […]

An office with a door.. I can’t imagine it on 17 Oct 05 (2 comments)

One of Joel Spolsky’s favourite rules for developers is that each should have their own office. As a long time open plan office dweller, I think that would be a little lonely.

Beating the scum of the earth comment spammers on 14 May 05 (3 comments)

Believe it or not comment spam has recently become a problem on my tiny little tech blog sitting in the outskirts of the internet. Over the last month or two (as my life has been unbelievably busy) I’ve watched the comment spammers/scripts slowly figure out how my webforms work and yesterday when I woke up […]