My presentations

Maintainable CSS presentation slides on 31 Jan 11 (2 comments)

A talk that I gave at the Developer, Developer, Developer day in Reading in 2011 about my experiences trying to make CSS easier to maintain. Contains slides and sample downloads.

Bleeding edge of web slides and samples on 30 Nov 08 (Add comment)

Slides and samples for a talk I did for developer, developer, developer day in Reading in 2008 about a heap of clientside technologies that I’m excited about and think will be The Next Big Thing.

VBUG London javascript objects presentation on 12 Nov 08 (Add comment)

Slides and samples for a talk I did for VBUG in London in 2008 about how objects works in javascript.

Object oriented javascript slides and samples on 31 Aug 08 (2 comments)

In 2008 I did a talk at a .NET user group in Oxford about the nuts and bolts of how objects actually work in javascript. Here are the presentation slides and code samples.

Speaking at DDD4 on 05 Dec 06 (Add comment)

In 2006 I did my first developer, developer, developer day conference talk in Reading about the basics of how to do object oriented programming in javascript.

First ever conference talk on 27 Jul 06 (Add comment)

My first conference talk ever: talking about creating user interface controls for ASP.NET at the NRW conference in Germany.