Beating the scum of the earth comment spammers on 14 May 05 (3 comments)

Believe it or not comment spam has recently become a problem on my tiny little tech blog sitting in the outskirts of the internet. Over the last month or two (as my life has been unbelievably busy) I’ve watched the comment spammers/scripts slowly figure out how my webforms work and yesterday when I woke up […]

It’s love: Helen joins the people wearing white headphones on 31 Mar 05 (Add comment)

My boyfriend, Joe, talked me into buying an ipod on the weekend. Our conversation went something like this: Joe: Well didn’t you want to buy an ipod? Helen: What time is John Lewis open until? I’m smitten! Seriously! It’s just so lovely! Now I’ve had one a week I don’t know how I lived the […]

Building a data access layer on 15 Feb 05 (Add comment)

One of the really significant changes I’ve made to the web project I’ve been working on for the past six months has been seperating all of the data access code into a data access layer that the other parts of the application can only access through interface classes that I’ve called datasources. I’ve set it […]

Backup, backup, backup on 10 Dec 04 (Add comment)

I’m never too busy to back up my files. Never. Ever.

Designing a data access layer on 02 Nov 04 (Add comment)

Goals: 1. Have the rest of the application interact with the data sources only through an interface 2. Make it so the rest of the application doesn’t have (even can’t) to know how the data sources work 3. Make it easy to change the DAL without affecting anything else 4. Keep all of the relevant […]

Must be getting old.. on (Add comment)

You know I just realised I don’t really need to write my own blog software. I’ve done news scripts before, I wouldn’t really be learning anything new. The world already has a 1:3 blog software to web developer ratio. I can think of things that will be much more interesting and rewarding to do with […]

Welcome to Helen’s techblog – the ugliest page on the internet on 26 Aug 04 (3 comments)

So I’m finally going to do what I’ve been talking about for almost as long as I’ve been making webpages and that’s create a space where I can talk about them endlessly and store the useful bits of information I aquire. Yes it’s one of the ugliest pages I have unleashed on the internet since […]