Web debugging on windows on 24 Jul 12 (Add comment)

some tools and techniques that make it much easier to debug what your wayward application is doing.

Debugging IIS7 requests with windows event tracing on 23 Jul 12 (Add comment)

The windows event tracing can give detailed information about what has happened to a broken request that fails before or after it gets to the IIS7 pipeline.

Debugging the IIS7 integrated pipeline with failed request tracing on 18 Jul 12 (1 comment)

Failed request tracing is a handy IIS7 feature for debugging what’s happening when there are problems with modules or handlers in the IIS pipeline.

Importing contacts into gmail from Thunderbird and Yahoo mail on 25 Apr 08 (Add comment)

The first thing I wanted to try as part of my using gmail as my mail client experiment was importing all my contacts, half from Thunderbird and half from Yahoo mail. Gmail supports importing comma separated (CSV) lists and both Thunderbird and yahoo mail support exporting in that format so it’s pretty straight forward. I’ve […]

Another thing I like about Ubuntu! on 11 Feb 07 (Add comment)

Ms Multitasker has found another thing she really likes about Ubuntu. Being able to surf the internet while the thing installs!

Impulsive decision – putting the penguin on my laptop on 05 Feb 07 (1 comment)

I did something a bit impulsive on the weekend. I have heaps of friends who love linux so I decided I’d try it out for myself. I backed everything up, wiped XP off my drive and installed a friendly distribution called Kubuntu on my laptop. The installation itself was fairly painless. The only real problem […]

Making videos for my ipod from DVDs (that I own) on 13 Jan 07 (2 comments)

I discovered how much I love watching video on my ipod this week. I’ve been going to the gym as part of my 2007 new years resolution and started watching a video podcast of an Australian show my friend recommended. Suddenly my brain had something more interesting to think about than how likely it was […]

Getting SecondLife to work on linux on 08 Jun 06 (Add comment)

The other thing I needed to do to get SecondLife to run on my linux machine was actually installing the SecondLife program. 1. Grab the files from the server and extract them wget -xjvf SecondLife_1_9_0_21.tar.bz2 2. Run the secondlife script in the extracted directory: ./secondlife Pretty simple when you have a linux guru like […]

Installing NVidia drivers on Fedora on (Add comment)

I wanted to use the nice graphics card in my linux box to play Second Life so I needed to install the right drivers to make it do all the 3D acceleration stuff. To test whether it was installed I used a program called glxgears that you can run that does some 3D rendering and […]

Finding port numbers in Linux on 26 Nov 05 (Add comment)

Vadim gave me a cool tip for finding out the port numbers for things in linux. You can just look at the /etc/services file to see what port things are registered for. > grep smtp /etc/services smtp 25/tcp mailsmtp 25/udp mailsmtps 465/tcp # SMTP over SSL (TLS)

Starting VNC at a specified screen resolution on 11 Sep 05 (Add comment)

I love VNC and I love this command: /usr/bin/vncserver -geometry 1024×768

How to find out what your wayward app is really doing on 27 Aug 05 (Add comment)

My friend has shown my the most awesome linux debugging tool. It’s a little tool called strace that shows you what function calls your wayward application is actually doing. In my case, I couldn’t get Apache to see any directories that weren’t under DocumentRoot. So I started httpd using the strace program like this: strace […]

Shell script: find files with a filename containing keywords on (Add comment)

I just wanted to save a little shell script I wrote that searches a directory for files with a certain filename that contain a certain text string. if [ $# -ne 3 ] then echo “Usuage: exit fi directory=$1 filename=$2 keywords=$3 for file in $( find $directory -name $filename ) do matches=`cat $file | […]

Advanced shell scripting guide on (Add comment)

I found a really great guide to shell scripting. It’s about the best reference document to shell scripting that I’ve seen. It has all the things you need to get around a new language like control structures, creating functions and using variables. It also explains the things you need to understand to understand shell scripting […]

Wiping the boot sector of a drive on 09 Aug 05 (Add comment)

A nifty trick (thanks to Vadim) if you need to wipe the boot sector of your drive: 1. Boot machine off Knoppix CD 2. Open terminal and type the following command to write 512 bytes worth of zeros to the beginning of the disk dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/hda1 count=1 bs=512 3. Remind Vadim he *is* a […]

How to burn a CD in linux on the command line on (Add comment)

1. Create an iso to burn to your CD. In my case I already had one, but there’s a nice HOW-TO in the tutorial I was reading. mkisofs -r -o myiso mydirectory/ 2. Make sure that linux knows there’s a CD drive connected to your box. If nothing comes up, then you’ll have to install […]

msconfig lets you configure your computer's startup on 05 Apr 05 (Add comment)

After enjoying my friend’s rant about the hundreds of programs running in the taskbar (yes I *need* real and quicktime to always be running on my computer) I found out there’s a nifty little program called “msconfig” that lets you choose what starts when you boot your PC.

Setting classpath for java on 13 Jan 05 (Add comment)

I always find it’s a hassle to set up the java classpath. In unix: export CLASSPATH=/path/to/my/directory Resources: Nice tutorial that explains how to set the classpath.

Treating a mapped drive as local on 22 Nov 04 (Add comment)

I’ve been having to keep my NUnit tests on my local drive because the network drive the rest of my project lives on doesn’t have enough permissions to run them. This is bad because I can’t keep the tests with the code they’re testing and I keep forgetting to back them up. The PC I’m […]

Substrings in bat files on 27 Sep 04 (1 comment)

Useful snippet of code for getting substrings in windows batch files: Code: SET VARIABLE=%OTHERVARIABLE:~index,length% Example: SET FIRSTNAME=%HELENNAME:~0,5% Source: windows 2000 mailing list.