Browser quirks

IE6 absolute positioning in parent with odd width on 07 Sep 09 (Add comment)

A small browser quirk for IE6 where absolute positioning with the CSS right property is one pixel out when the parent container has an odd number of pixels.

Focus event handler run in different order in IE than Firefox on 16 Jan 08 (4 comments)

I wanted to document a bit of an edge case browser incompatibility that I found: that event handlers aren’t always run in the same order in IE as they do in other browsers. It’s a bit of a strange case where we were doing something not entirely sensible. :) There was an input box which […]

Interesting side affect of creating DOM objects using innerHTML on 15 Mar 07 (Add comment)

It’s ER night again tonight so I’m going to update with a totally dorky technical web thing I did today that I thought was interesting. :) I found a strange IE behaviour today in a sample I was looking at. The problem was with a javascript object that had a reference to a DOM object. […]

Jumping to anchors in table cells on 26 Oct 04 (Add comment)

Interesting IE observation: You can’t jump to anchors in otherwise empty table cells. This works: <tr>     <td>&nbsp;<a name="myanchor"></a></td> </tr> This doesn’t: <tr>     <td><a name="myanchor"></a></td> </tr> I know I’m doing terrible things to my markup to even want to put an anchor in an empty table cell.. :) Other people seem to […]

DOM-created radio buttons don't work in IE6 on 23 Oct 04 (Add comment)

*sigh* This is a nasty little known problem with IE when creating radio buttons using document.createElement(). IE actually creates the buttons, but they can’t actually be selected by the user. The problem is that aparently IE doesn’t let you set the name attributes of elements after they’ve been created. If you update the name attribute, […]