Google Chrome.. or GlaDOS? on 02 Sep 08 (2 comments)

I downloaded Google Chrome tonight. It’s the pretty! Only scary thing is something Joe noticed… how much the logo looks like GlaDOS from Portal. Remember that time I pretended to murder you?

IETester: test IE5.5 to IE8 on the same computer on 07 Aug 08 (Add comment)

My favourite new webdev tool of the moment is IETester. You can use it to test pages in IE5.5, IE6, IE7 and IE8 all on the same machine without messing around with your main installed version of IE. I was pretty amazed when I saw it because I’d always believed that it was a bit […]

Switching opera desktop to hand held mode for testing on 11 May 08 (1 comment)

Neat little tip I found (in my old, old blog archives) is that you can switch Opera into hand held emulation mode by hitting Shift+F11. It’ll take your site and serialize the design to fit on a small screen like on your phone: It also will honour the @media handheld stylesheet so it’s a convenient […]

Firefox mouse gestures on 02 May 08 (3 comments)

One of the guys at work inspired me to try a mouse gestures plugins for Firefox today. For the uninitiated, mouse gestures are like keyboard shortcuts for the mouse. Instead of holding ctrl+c, you do a little drawing on the screen while holding down the right mouse button to make something happen. For example when […]

Firefox crash recovery: I am in love on 14 Oct 07 (Add comment)

Ok, I’m now officially in love with Firefox. My Vista install has mysteriously become flaky recently and is randomly taking down programs. When Firefox crashed, not only did it remember which tabs I had open, it also remembered the contents of what was in the form that I was filling in at the time of […]

IE bug logging database not being reopened on 13 May 07 (Add comment)

I was a bit disappointed when I read that public IE bug database isn’t being reopened. The reason given was that the volume of unusable bug reports submitted far outweighed the useful stuff. Apparently some people used it to tell the team how much they hate IE. :) I can understand that being a problem […]

Bookmark: web developer toolbars on 05 Jun 06 (1 comment)

Here’s a quick link for myself for the web developer toolbars you can install for Firefox and IE6. I love them because the web developer toolbars make doing clientside work so much easier. They give you tools to find out information about the page that you’re working on without having to do a million alert […]