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View Rendered Source in IE on 06 Feb 07 (1 comment)

I’m doing a lot of work with javascript that modifies the DOM so I really like tools like the Firefox rendered source chart plugin so I can see what’s actually going on in my page. Rendered source chart in particular is a very slick plugin. It not only takes everything in the DOM and shows […]

Javascript lint – saviour of mortal developers on 05 Feb 07 (Add comment)

Something I really, really love at the moment is a little application called javascript lint. It’s a javascript syntax checker that’s built on top of the Mozilla javascript engine. You can run it over a javascript include file (I don’t know if it’ll work on inline javascript) and it’ll syntax check it for you without […]

Child and sibling selectors on 20 Jan 07 (Add comment)

I was trying to style a bit of html without having to add a new class into the markup and came across two types of CSS selectors that I haven’t used before called child and sibling selectors. You can use child selectors to target the direct children of an element. The syntax is parent > […]

IE6 is the new NS4.7 on 14 Nov 06 (Add comment)

I’ve been playing around with CSS support in IE7 all day and I’m so happy to see some of the really, really long standing things that have been finally fixed! The thing that makes me happiest is that you can finally do real work with absolute positioning because it finally supports the bottom and right […]

I'm finished my new blog engine! (build vs buy) on 11 Oct 06 (Add comment)

Yay! Finally I’ve finished all the basic functionality for my new blog scripts after months trying to find development time between visiting Australia, moving house, building Ikea furniture and showing my parents around London. Hopefully I’ll get it live sometime between now and the end of the month. The best part for me is that […]

Why accessibility is important on 02 Sep 06 (1 comment)

Last time I wanted to update my McAfee virus subscription they told me that I couldn’t download the latest version of the software using Firefox. The only option I had to download the software was to use IE. I couldn’t find another way to download the product. So say we take a fairly conservative view […]

Novel use of google maps on 08 Aug 06 (Add comment)

This has to be the most novel use of Google maps ever :D

New link for IE drip memory leak detector on 28 Jun 06 (1 comment)

I found a link to a new page for the really useful drip tool which looks for IE memory leaks in javascript code. There’s also been a new revision of the program by the guy who’s hosting it.

Bookmark: web developer toolbars on 05 Jun 06 (1 comment)

Here’s a quick link for myself for the web developer toolbars you can install for Firefox and IE6. I love them because the web developer toolbars make doing clientside work so much easier. They give you tools to find out information about the page that you’re working on without having to do a million alert […]

Bookmark: Mozilla DOM documentation on 19 Apr 06 (Add comment)

I’ve finally found some Mozilla javascript docs that as good as the IE ones. One of the really nice thing about the Mozilla docs is they have lots of details about the versions that things work in and warnings about potential problems that you might have when using some of the features. For example I […]

Tim tells me the story of Lorem Ipsum on 12 Apr 06 (Add comment)

My good friend Tim from Melbourne is doing some design subjects at uni at the moment and he told me a rather nifty story about where the latin filler words that you sometimes see in website layouts come from: Tim says: its actually just lorem ipsum Helephant says: :) does that mean anything? Tim says: […]

Bookmark: ASP.NET DataBinding internals on 10 Apr 06 (Add comment)

I found a very interesting article about ASP.NET data binding that talks about exactly what’s happening when you call the DataBind() method on a templated control like the repeater. It’s got some really interesting stuff on how the templates are instantiated and how the child controls are built.

Pausing page rendering at a certain point on 07 Apr 06 (Add comment)

I don’t know if this will be useful to anyone else but I thought this was kind of a neat trick for messing around with ASP.NET page rendering for debugging purposes. My problem was I wanted to stop the rendering of a page at a certain point so I could see how the scripts were […]

UserControl type not available if code behind file isn't in app_code directory on 06 Apr 06 (2 comments)

I ran into a weird problem with dynamically created ASP.NET 2.0 user controls yesterday. I was using the user control to populate a panel of a tab control which meant I didn’t actually have a reference to the user control object anywhere on my form. The only way I could get a reference to it […]

Why does Nortons Internet Security remove user agents from http requests? on 02 Mar 06 (Add comment)

Does anyone have any idea why Norton’s Internet Security program would filter out your user-agent details for security reason? I guess I can see an argument for hiding the referer if it was from an external site (even though I know I’m not going to do anything email with it like spread rumours that […]

Containing floats in block elements on 25 Jan 06 (Add comment)

I just wanted to bookmark a really useful page about how to make block elements in CSS expand to contain floated elements. There are a couple of suggested ways to deal with this on the page but the one I needed today was adding an element to the end of the float that has the […]

Free icon set on 19 Dec 05 (Add comment)

There’s a set of lovely free icons that are released under the creatives common license on a really pretty page called famfamfam.com. There are over 200 16×16 icons designed for people who make desktop or web apps. There are heaps of useful things like color palettes, navigation buttons and tickmarks as well as some that […]

IE developer toolbar on 17 Nov 05 (Add comment)

The kids over at Microsoft have released an IE developer toolbar. It’s got most the nice things that the Firefox toolbar has like box outlining and options to disable scripts and cookies. One of the nice features it has that isn’t included in the firefox version is a little ruler tool that lets you measure […]

Greek mythology retold with Flash on 08 Nov 05 (Add comment)

I found a lovely little multimedia site about Greek mythology called winged sandals. The site is absolutely charming, the artwork is lovely and it’s a great example of where a flash site is a good idea and where the HTML-only version isn’t absolutely rubbish. My favourite part of the site was a music video version […]

New acronym.. new lot of hype. on 04 Nov 05 (5 comments)

This article says: “Ajax lets programmers reduce the cost and time to build programs, says Bret Taylor, a Google project manager.” Obviously Bret Taylor from Google has never tried debugging an AJAX app that suddenly stops working and has eaten the error message that explains why.. I’m trying not to make the judgement that using […]

Yellow chair stories on 01 Nov 05 (Add comment)

I just found a wonderful little site called Yellow chair stories that tells the story of when its owner put a yellow chair and an offer of free wireless internet outside her house in an attempt to explore electronic and physical neighbourhoods. I thought it was a lovely little site and I think it’s a […]

IE7 is planned to support CSS attribute selectors! Whee! on 13 Oct 05 (Add comment)

Yay! I’m so happy because I just read a post on the IE blog that says IE7 is going to support attribute selectors! In fact it says that IE7 is going to aim to be CSS 2.1 compliant! They’re also *finally* fixing the problems with rendering transparent png files. I was a bit cynical when […]

Building websites with purpose on 11 Oct 05 (Add comment)

There’s a great article on A list apart today called never get involved in a land war in asia (or build a website without a purpose) about defining the objective and strategy of websites that we build. It’s got some great advice about keeping client websites focused on things that will make them successful and […]

Starting the flash debugger on 11 Sep 05 (1 comment)

I’ve been having a really fun weekend playing around with FlashMX. One of the really frustrating problems I had to start with was getting the flash debugger running. When I started the debugger by choosing “debugger” from the window menu, it was giving me a “debugger is inactive” error message. To enable the debugger I […]

Interesting link: how people using screen readers interact with webpages on 06 Sep 05 (Add comment)

I was looking for some information about how JAWS interacts with .NET apps and found this fascinating study on how people using screen readers interact with webpages.