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CSS2 @font-face threatens to make our pages prettier on 16 Sep 04 (8 comments)

It’s funny the way the universe echos sometimes. While I was walking to lunch yesterday I was thinking that it was high time developers got more choice about the fonts that their webpages display in. I mean we live in an age where bandwidth restrictions have relaxed so much there’s video linked from the homepage […]

2.7 million uk emails for £270! Woo! on 15 Sep 04 (Add comment)

I wonder if people who buy spam lists from spam emails ever find their own names on them. :)

Truths of the universe.. on 14 Sep 04 (6 comments)

..it’s easy when you know how :) Just spent the best part of an hour discovering that in ASP JScript you have to do query(“field”).Value to get the value of the field as a “real” jscript object that you can compare to null. I love ASP!