Web debugging on windows on 24 Jul 12 (Add comment)

some tools and techniques that make it much easier to debug what your wayward application is doing.

Debugging IIS7 requests with windows event tracing on 23 Jul 12 (Add comment)

The windows event tracing can give detailed information about what has happened to a broken request that fails before or after it gets to the IIS7 pipeline.

Debugging the IIS7 integrated pipeline with failed request tracing on 18 Jul 12 (1 comment)

Failed request tracing is a handy IIS7 feature for debugging what’s happening when there are problems with modules or handlers in the IIS pipeline.

Simulating network latency with Fiddler on 11 Jul 12 (Add comment)

How to use the Fiddler proxy to simulate HTTP response latency to test how your website works over a slow connection.

Building javascript minification into MSBuild scripts on 29 Aug 09 (Add comment)

How to use a tool called Packer.NET to build javascript minification into a MSBuild script.

Our web 2.0 wedding on 01 Aug 09 (2 comments)

The story of how Joe and I used our favourite web tools to organise our wedding and share the experience with the people who couldn’t be there.

Changing firebug’s font size on 16 Nov 08 (Add comment)

One problem I’ve had a couple of times when using Firebug to show things during code demos is I haven’t been able to make the font big enough for people at the back to read it. I found the solution at stack overflow: 1. Open firebug in new window 2. Go to the view->text size […]

Dust-me selector tool for finding unused CSS selectors on 21 Oct 08 (2 comments)

My find for today was a Firefox extension called Dust-Me Selectors from the SitePoint guys that scans a web site looking for unused selectors in the CSS. It extracts the style references for the current page and then looks at the page to see where they are used. It can look at the current page […]

IETester: test IE5.5 to IE8 on the same computer on 07 Aug 08 (Add comment)

My favourite new webdev tool of the moment is IETester. You can use it to test pages in IE5.5, IE6, IE7 and IE8 all on the same machine without messing around with your main installed version of IE. I was pretty amazed when I saw it because I’d always believed that it was a bit […]

Debugging pages in Safari on 05 Jul 08 (Add comment)

I’m getting quite interested in Safari because it seems to be where a lot of the early implementations of interesting new standards is happening. It makes me happy to get a little glimpse at what the future of web development might look like. :) The problem is Firefox has really spoilt me with all it’s […]

View Rendered Source in IE on 06 Feb 07 (1 comment)

I’m doing a lot of work with javascript that modifies the DOM so I really like tools like the Firefox rendered source chart plugin so I can see what’s actually going on in my page. Rendered source chart in particular is a very slick plugin. It not only takes everything in the DOM and shows […]

Javascript lint – saviour of mortal developers on 05 Feb 07 (Add comment)

Something I really, really love at the moment is a little application called javascript lint. It’s a javascript syntax checker that’s built on top of the Mozilla javascript engine. You can run it over a javascript include file (I don’t know if it’ll work on inline javascript) and it’ll syntax check it for you without […]

New link for IE drip memory leak detector on 28 Jun 06 (1 comment)

I found a link to a new page for the really useful drip tool which looks for IE memory leaks in javascript code. There’s also been a new revision of the program by the guy who’s hosting it.

Bookmark: web developer toolbars on 05 Jun 06 (1 comment)

Here’s a quick link for myself for the web developer toolbars you can install for Firefox and IE6. I love them because the web developer toolbars make doing clientside work so much easier. They give you tools to find out information about the page that you’re working on without having to do a million alert […]

IE developer toolbar on 17 Nov 05 (Add comment)

The kids over at Microsoft have released an IE developer toolbar. It’s got most the nice things that the Firefox toolbar has like box outlining and options to disable scripts and cookies. One of the nice features it has that isn’t included in the firefox version is a little ruler tool that lets you measure […]

JSLint: neat javascript script verifier tool on 15 Aug 05 (Add comment)

I found a useful little utility called Lint that checks for things in your javascript code that’s likely to introduce errors. I really like that it checks for undeclared variables because I always, always, always want to declare my variables before I use them. Considering that forgetting to declare the variable sets it global for […]